Free Motion Quilting Gloves

I recently added a now invaluable item to my quilting equipment – Machingers quilting gloves.  I learned about them through Leah over at the Free Motion Quilting Project.

In the past, I have been using either my bare hands for quilting or a pair of rubber cleaning gloves.  My wrists and arms would get super sore if I didn’t use any gloves from struggling with the fabric, but if I used the rubber cleaning gloves to better grip the fabric, my hands would get sweaty! Either way, quilting was becoming a chore for me.  When I came across this post on Leah’s blog, I ordered them right away! I had no idea something like this even existed and was super excited to try them out.

When I received them, I used them to quilt up my Squares & Stripes quilt with a meandering stitch. I was blown away at how easily I was able to do this with these gloves.  Because I had better control, I found I was able to quilt much more quickly and was making less mistakes along the way.  With these gloves, I won’t have to dread finishing up my quilts again!


Meandering quilting done with the Machingers quilting gloves.

Anyone else ever come across a new product or method that makes what you were doing before seem ridiculously difficult?


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