Unpaper Towels Tutorial

I’ve been meaning to slowly cut out paper from our lifestyle so when I came across this tutorial on A Blossoming Life to replace paper towels with cloth, I decided there was no better time than the present. It’ll feel good to make an environmentally responsible choice as well as it’ll save us some money!

I made a trip to Joann Fabrics and picked up some terry cloth and a cute cotton print that I thought would go well in our kitchen.  I cut 16 11″x11″ squares from both the terry cloth and the cotton.


Next, I pinned each terry cloth and cotton square together and sewed 2 diagonal lines through the squares in order to prevent the fabric from shifting. I then serged each edge and trimmed off any extra threads.


Instead of using velcro like the original tutorial, I decided to use snaps instead as they’re more durable – and I loved how I had snaps to match the fabric!


Then I just attached all the squares together and stuck them on my paper towel holder.


Here they are in their new home in the kitchen!

Anyone else making any “green” changes to their homes lately?



2 thoughts on “Unpaper Towels Tutorial

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