Blizzard of 2013

We survived Blizzard Nemo without losing power! We ended up getting approximately 30 inches of snow with drifts topping 4+ feet! This is the most snow I can remember ever getting during one storm. Today it’s raining a bit so hopefully that’ll melt some of the giant snowbanks that are blocking all of the roads It’s pretty terrifying trying to pull out onto a main road when you have no idea whether someone is coming or not! (I go with the chant-and-close-my-eyes method – “I hope no one is coming! I hope no one is coming!” as I pull out)

And now some pics we took the morning after the storm:


Attempting to use the snowblower… difficult when the snow is higher than it!


Snow is almost up to my waist!


Opening one of our back doors.


Check out that snow drift on the roof!


One thought on “Blizzard of 2013

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