WIP – Black and White Chevron Quilt

I’ve made a bit more progress with my black and white zig zag quilt.  I’ve done a little more than half of the quilting on it.  I chose to do a swirly free motion quilting pattern.  This is the first time I’ve done anything besides straight line quilting or stippling so I’m pretty proud of myself for learning something new.  It was a little slow-going at first, but things started to pick up once I got the hang of it. I used a charcoal gray fleece for the backing . I just love quilts backed with fleece.  I know it’s not traditional, but it’s just so cozy! This quilt has already been being used to cuddle with on the couch even though it’s half-filled with safety pins.  It’s safe to say this will be a well-loved quilt in our home.


Half-quilted quilt!


I love the way the swirls look on the dark backing.

What have you all been working on this past week? Any good projects to share?


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